Top 100 Places to Visit in Riverside

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Riverside, CA

Riverside County is the fourth largest county in California, and so there is plenty to do and see here.

We spoke with a local author who is telling us what you need to see in Riverside before you die.

Larry Burns’ book is a love affair with this city, "This was my chance to show other people what I love about Riverside, what’s great about our community, and why people should come here, again, again and again."

100 Things to Do in Riverside Before You Die is name of the book, and we visited a couple of his favorites.

Back to the Grind in the heart of downtown Riverside is about a lot more than coffee.

"We’re the ones who want to do the live music, poetry, dance parties, rent the venues for weddings, so we do all the extra besides just serving coffee," said Back to the Grind owner, Darren Conkerite.

"You get a lot of that synergy, interaction that is essential for good, sustainable art communities," said Burns.

Our next venue satisfies the need for speed, "Feels like I’m somebody that is driving a real fast car… I like the sharp turns best," said brothers Chris and Cole, visiting Adams Motorsports Park.

Their mother, Michelle Brier, says, "This is a lot of fun out here, we come out with the family, and the track is really just way different than any other tracks that are around here."

You can even bring your own car out for "drift and drive" at Adams Motorsports Park.

"This has been out here for 57 so this is a second, third generation family been operating this place since the beginning," said Burns.

If you’re looking for nature plus play, maybe take a walk in a park: Fairmont Park, that is. 
"This is the place to go when we don’t quite know what to do with our day, we can do a little fishing on the lake, we can walk around and enjoy the scenery, we can get a little bit of golf in if we like."

Plus, Burns explains why there is a tank in the park, "The manufacturing facility nearby used to manufacture water buffalo tanks for World War 1."

Already a full day with those three stops.
So Larry, when are you featuring our valley?

"I really see future projects taking me outside of Riverside into this greater area of inland Southern California," said Burns.

Burns’ book is available on Amazon and at several stores in Riverside including the UC Riverside bookstore.

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