You Ask. We Investigate.® Beware Of Possible Scam Artists Calling For Money

You Ask. We Investigate.® Beware Of Possible Scam Artists Calling For Money

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

KMIR viewers are concerned about getting phone calls from someone impersonating a Spectrum Cable employee. 

One viewer wrote to us saying,"We received two calls from people calling us from a local Palm Springs number claiming to be from Spectrum Cable. They say it in an intimidating way that they are at your house to collect a debt and if you don’t pay they will take your equipment." 

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One Palm Springs Spectrum Cable customer wants to remain anonymous because he fears the man on the other line knows all his personal information.

The man received a phone call Tuesday morning from someone claiming to be Dominic from Spectrum Cable. Dominic addressed the man by his name and home address.

"He said, ‘This is Dominic and I’m a third party contractor for Spectrum Cable and I’m at your house to collect your debt or pick up the equipment," the man said about the scary phone call.

When the man realized the caller knew where he lived and it wasn’t possible his bill was past due, he knew something wasn’t right.

"When I said, ‘That’s not true,’ that’s when he slammed back and said, ‘Listen you’re late and if you’re not going to pay I need the equipment,’" he  said.

The man said Spectrum Cable told him they would only turn off your service and charge you for the equipment if you are late.

"They said it could be a former employee that has the list in the area and they’re just going down the list and calling people."

We reached out to Spectrum Cable, but they couldn’t give us much information on this possible scam. They said they’re working to get us more details.