Local Woman Takes In Sick And Elderly Dogs

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Palm Springs, CA

Sick and senior dogs are usually the ones no one wants, and are left behind in shelters, but one woman here in the valley wants to change that.

Some might say Carlynne Mcdonnell is a normal dog lover, but each of her foster failures is sick or elderly, a characteristic most don’t want.

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"I like the dogs that are not adoptable. I like a senior dog that has lived with somebody for 13 years and been dumped in a shelter because someone wants a new dog," Mcdonnell said.

One of her dogs is named Honey, who’s still traumatized from being used as a bait dog in fights.

"She’s traumatized in a way that we’re never going to be able to change that and to me her comfort and her ability to function is more important than our need to socialize with her," Mcdonnell added.

Her passion for the unwanted is why she created Barkee Laroux’s house of love. A non-profit that helps the unadoptable, get adopted and much more.

"Once an animal comes to us they will live out their life, whether it’s a day, a week, or 10 years," she said.

Whether a dog needs medical treatment or just some love during it’s final moments, Mcdonnell and her team are there.

"We try to give them the best quality of life before it’s their time," she explained.

Right now Mcdonnell and other volunteers take elderly dogs into their own homes, but they are hoping to find a permanent spot so more dogs can live and have a happy ending.  

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