Accused Cop Killer’s Competency Trial Is Delayed

Accused Cop Killer’s Competency Trial Is Delayed

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

It’s been nearly ten months since 26 year old John Hernandez Felix opened fire on three Palm Springs police officers, killing two of them. The accused cop killer faced a judge again today to see if he’s fit to stand trial and the outcome has the community wondering if there will be swift justice for the brutal killings of two officers who responded to a domestic disturbance call. This after the competency trial was postponed until September.

Felix opened fire on three officers as they responded to a domestic disturbance call. He was on his front doorstep when he shot and killed officers Jose Gilbert Vega, a 35-year veteran and a father of eight, and Lesley Zerebny, a rookie who had just given birth to a baby girl.

The hearing didn’t take more than 15 minutes, and during that time Felix gave up his right to trial by jury. This means it is now in the judge’s hands to decide whether or not Felix is fit to stand trial.

John Patrick Dolan, Felix’s defense attorney told me during the upcoming trial they will be exploring various factors…including a possible mental disability.

Felix’s criminal record includes a 4-year prison sentence for an attempted gang assassination and his current charges include two counts of first-degree murder, for which he could face the death penalty if deemed competent to stand trial.

He’s is expected to be back in court on September 25 for his official hearing, which will include witnesses.