Palm Springs Police Department To Host Community Police Academy

Palm Springs Police Department To Host Community Police Academy

Trino Martinez

Palm Springs, CA

The Palm Springs Police Department is accepting applications for a behind the scenes look at the business of serving and protecting the community.

The department will be hosting another Community Police Academy. Sergeant William Hutchinson said it’s a way to create more transparency. 

"The media tells their story, the people in the public tell their story, but we need to tell our story as well," Hutchinson explained.

Police said the Palm Springs Community Police Academy has never been more important.

"Especially in today’s climate there seems to be a disconnect between what the public thinks police do and what the police actually do," said Lieutenant Paul Abshire with the Palm Springs Police Department.

The 13-week program will allow community members to get a hands on experience from dispatch to use of force simulations.

Police even want people skeptical of what they do.

"It’s really good to get the people in here who don’t necessarily like us or don’t agree with us," Hutchinson said.

The point of the program is to get community members to spend a few hours in officer’s shoes.

"We want them to know that we are mothers and brothers and sisters and uncles and we live in the same community, and you’re going to see us at the grocery store sometimes, and you should not be afraid to come and us questions and talk to us," Hutchinson insisted.


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