Group Gathers in Coachella to Protest Trump’s Decision on DACA

Group Gathers in Coachella to Protest Trump’s Decision on DACA

Martín Di Felice

The DACA announcement sparks praise from many across the nation as President Trump keeps a campaign promise to end the Obama Administration program, but in the small community of Coachella, there was a different sentiment Tuesday.

Loud voices rang out in Coachella as groups gathered to oppose Trump’s decision.

DACA protects what are called “dreamers”, or young undocumented immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.

"We can make change," the group said in Spanish.

"A quiet community will never be heard."

"A community united will never be divided."

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Latinos make up a large part of the population in Coachella, and the support is palpable for the crowd that gathered on Harrison St. But fear is also palpable in the community.

"So many of our students and so many of those young graduates of college are living in fear now,” says Coachella teacher Lorraine Salas. “Fear is one thing we can’t allow our community to live in."

Young Luz Chavez, only a seventh grader, was one of about 40 gathered Tuesday.

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"So many of my friends are in DACA and that helps them a lot,” says says Luz. “And now since [Trump] has taken it away, he’s destroying homes."

The future of these immigrants is now in the hands of our lawmakers. Congress is expected to make a final decision on DACA next March. As this small group gathered locally, President Trump sent out this message on Twitter:


He also says he looks forward to working with Democrats and Republicans to put "hardworking citizens of our country first."

"I’m helping not for my cousin’s future,” says Luz. “I’m looking for the future of when I get older, when I have kids, I’m looking for their future. I’m looking for my family’s future.”