Scammers Target Parent’s Worst Fears

Scammers Target Parent’s Worst Fears

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

An internet phishing scam is re-appearing, but this time it’s targeting parent’s by playing on their fears. It’s known that there are many scams out there with one goal in mind: to bait you into clicking and then stealing all of your information.

This time the spoofers are trying to catch concerned parents, claiming there are sexual predators in their neighborhood. Victor Yepello fell for a similar scam and is angry that anyone would do something like this.

"So you have kids and all of a sudden you’re afraid." Afraid that a sexual predator is hanging out around their neighborhood. So, naturally, parents click and the scammers begin phishing for their personal information.

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"They can at that point access your email, access your computer, they can plant some kind of a bug or a virus in your computer." Mr. Yepello has been scammed before and posted a warning on Facebook to prevent others from becoming the next catch.

"I had clicked on something, i don’t know what i was thinking that day, and my computer was under somebody else’s control." So before you get to clicking, he says there are a few things you should look out for.

"There is bad syntax, bad spelling, and bad English usage, so those are the things you want to look for right away." Plus, the Department of Justice has a public website where people can search the location of sexual predators near them.

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"You can search your city your neighborhood and if you put in a city it will show you where these registrants are located." So the best thing you can do when you see an alert like this one is trash it, but if you don’t there’s always one thing you can do. "Always think twice before you click."

If you happen to get an email like this one and aren’t sure whether it’s real or a scam, you can always call your local police department and they’ll tell you before you click on it.

Department of Justice website: