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Palm Desert, CA

There are women in the Coachella Valley who need help, and sometimes can’t find it. Now there’s a house dedicated to helping pregnant women in need, and it’s expanding. The expansion is called the Hope Center in Palm Desert. The center said it will help more women deal with pregnancies, domestic violence and more.

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Heather Partida went through the Mama’s House program.  She now can’t picture her life without her son Jayden. However, four years ago, Partida almost made a decision that would change her life forever. "I was pregnant and I was scared, and it was an unplanned pregnancy," she explained. "I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll just have an abortion," Partida said.

At the time, an abortion seemed like the right choice. She didn’t have support from her family or baby’s father. "My family was not in a position to house me and my baby," she explained.

However, after a visit to Mama’s House, she changed her mind. "They provide counseling, parenting classes, you get to learn how to cook," Partida said about the year-long live-in program. 

Christina Saldivar, the director of Mama’s House and Hope Center, said women in all situations come to get help. "I’ve seen women who are go-getters, they have a career, they have an apartment, they get laid off work, and fall behind on rent, and all of a sudden they’re homeless," she said about why women look to Mama’s House for help. 

Now Mama’s House is expanding for more women to have access to. "Mama’s House is a residential program, so they can actually live there. Hope Center is more like an outpatient, so you come in for services," Saldivar said.

Hope Center provides services to help women deal with pregnancies, domestic violence, abortions and more.

Saldivar had two abortions. So she understands how important it is to be able to talk to someone. 

"It just spiraled out of control. I started to have unhealthy relationships with men. I didn’t care. I started drinking, partying. I was just trying to cover up that hurt," she explained.

Partida said Mama’s House gave her a new life. 

"Now I have a career. I’m working in real estate. It’s my career of choice, and I have a direction," Partida exclaimed.

Mama’s House can be reached at 844-232-8622.

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