Adopt Me! Rescued Animals From Hurricane Harvey Arrive In The Valley

Adopt Me! Rescued Animals From Hurricane Harvey Arrive In The Valley

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

Over a hundred dogs and cats left homeless from Hurricane Harvey are seeking shelter right here in the desert. About 140 dogs and cats arrived at the Humane Society of the Desert this afternoon from Louisiana. The journey took over 30 hours. "They were moved out of the shelter, so that hurricane displaced animals could take their kennels. So instead of going somewhere where we don’t trust, we’re taking them to safe places like this," said Jason Lohs who drove the animals from Louisiana. 

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About 35 of of the animals will be going to shelters across the desert, the rest will be going to San Diego. "We’re excited. We know they’re safe that they are going to no kill shelter’s. They’re going to have forever homes. They’re going to get promoted for adoption, so for us we know this is a great new step in their lives," said Tom Snyder the CEO of Animal Samaritans. 

They said it is humbling to be able to help those in need from Hurricane Harvey.  "We’re happy to invite these new kids to our table. When you have more, you should give to those who don’t," said Michelle Vergeron with Animal Samaritans. Six of the dogs will be going to Animal Samaritans in the desert.

Snyder said it is a relief to know the dogs are finally here.  "Seeing the animals safe, happy, seeing their tails wagging, I think the biggest reaction here is a sense of pride to be a part of it all," Snyder said.

Shelters across the valley will be taking in many of the animals and they will be available for adoption over the next couple of weeks.