Local Homeless Shelters Find Themselves Inundated With People

Local Homeless Shelters Find Themselves Inundated With People

Martín Di Felice

Indio, CA

More people are looking for a warm place to sleep now that Roy’s Desert Resource Center is closed in Palm Springs. "I never thought that I would be in this position," said Jacob Rogers, a homeless man staying at Martha’s Village and Kitchen. 

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Rogers was a self-employed handyman, but he was living pay check to pay check. "After the holidays, my business didn’t pick back up, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to pay my bills and Martha’s was kind enough to let me come in and join the program," Rogers explained.

Rogers isn’t the only one looking for shelter. With no shelter in the west valley, places like Martha’s Village and Kitchen are inundated with people. "Just the other day, we got a call for 11 households from the west. So it’s starting to show itself," said Martha’s Village and Kitchen President Linda Barrack. 

Barrack said they’ve been planning to phase out the 2-year transitional housing program to a 90-day program. They say it’ll help them help more people. "They come in, receive case management, employment services and all the services Martha’s has that stabilize them so that when they go out, it’s a success," she said.

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Even the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission is getting more people than they can handle. "As of Friday last week we had 276 new people from the west end of the valley that were new guests for us," said Darla Burkett, the Executive Director of the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.

Burkett said she hopes a shelter will be built in the west valley to help with the need. "There will never not be a need for an emergency shelter and I do hope the west end will allow that in their city."