CHP Looking Into Crash That Left Indio Man With Major Injuries

CHP Looking Into Crash That Left Indio Man With Major Injuries

Martín Di Felice

Indio, CA

The California Highway Patrol says they responded  to single car crash on the Westbound 10 Freeway on Saturday just before midnight.

"… just west of Golf Center Parkway, for reasons that are still under investigation Mr. Duarte lost control of his vehicle which subsequently rolled over which came to rest in the number three lane … Mr. Duarte was transported to desert regional medical center with major injuries," says CHP Officer Ramon Perez. 

A KMIR viewer says the crash was caused by an oil spill that was ignored, it left his brother-in-law hospitalized.

But Perez says according to their logs the oil spill was reported at at 11:41 that night and officers were dispatched to the scene, "When we were made aware of it we took action," adding that as they were responding more calls came in of cars slipping on the freeway and minutes later the crash happened at 11:44 p.m. and the CHP was on scene just two minutes later, "… the units on scene summoned CalTrans and CalTrans showed up shut down the number three lane and performed minor cleanup."  

The CHP says they and CalTrans collaborate to keep the highways clean of debris and hazards but drivers play an important role too.  

"Anytime you see something that could be a potential danger to yourself or to other motorists we encourage people to call it in if you don’t think it’s an emergency you could always call 1-800-tell-CHP," says Perez adding that you can call 911 if it’s urgent.

And Perez says it’s important drivers don’t exceed the speed limit and stay vigilant, "Look as far up ahead as possible for possible roadway hazards … use your seat belts, don’t text and drive and of course don’t use your cell phone at all when you’re driving." 

The CHP says if you have any information about the crash contact their Indio office at (760) 772-5300.