Officer Jose “Gil” Vega’s Children Remember Their Father

Officer Jose “Gil” Vega’s Children Remember Their Father

Martín Di Felice

Cathedral City, CA

The look in Officer Jose "Gil" Vega’s children’s eyes, and the quiver in their voices shows how hard it still is. Nearly 12 months later, they still suffer as they did that terrible day last fall. His children said their father will always be in their heart. "It’s hard when you have a key piece of the family like that taken from you," said Vega’s son, Issac Vega.

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The memories of that dark day are still seared into their minds. The day their dad went to work, and never came home. "What happened with us, we were together one day, and the next day he’s gone," said Vega’s daughter, Gloria Vega. 

Being a cop is not an easy job, especially these days, and Gil Vega had been doing it for 35 years. "To sit here today and say he was still positive and uplifting and full of energy, full of life, it’s easy to see how officers can get jaded, dealing with such negativity daily. That’s what they face, and they know that going in there, and you would never gather that from my father," Issac said. 

Vega was a police officer, but he was also a dad, and a teacher. "He was compassionate. He had a sense of understanding for people, and he just was an amazing person and officer," Gloria said. "He really cared about making a difference. He really cared about changing a person’s life. He was genuine in what he did," said Vega’s other daughter, Yvette Vega. 

With the one year anniversary of the murder of their dad, their hero, now upon them, they reflect on just what he meant. "They’re human and you got to remember that, and they still forget their families when their doing their job to protect you," Gloria said. 

Hearing from Vega’s children, you know he was much more than just a good cop, he was a great dad. "I love him. My kids love him. I miss him. I just wish that he was here," Gloria said.