Mirror House Is Torn Apart

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Palm Springs, CA

It was a sparkling gem for art-lovers, and a dark nightmare for neighbors. We’re talking about the mirror house in the hills above palm springs. Now, that mirror house is about to vanish. To some it was a piece or art. 

"It adds tremendous dimensions to the desert."

To others, like Palm Springs resident Allan Borges, Doug Aitken’s piece is a pain in the neck.

"It’s the traffic, the traffic was bad. I would like it to go away from here."

Well now, his wish is coming true. The famous Mirage house in Palm Springs that was supposed to be taken down back in August is finally being dismantled. Palm Springs resident, Frank Kraushar, told us he is happy it’s going away.

“I think it’s more peaceful and without cars going back and forth.”

Even today, tourists tried to go and see the piece, unaware that it was being taken apart. KMIR tried to get onto the grounds but was approach by a security guard that denied them access. Turns out the grounds must allow public access, so our crew was able to hike up to the Mirage house…or what was left of it.

Ezra Arvizu, a contractor told us that he and his crew are carefully cleaning and wrapping each mirror, getting them ready for their next destination.

“So we are taking them all down, we are cataloging it, we’re inventorying it, and then we are going to ship it. So we are keeping everything, and getting it ready to ship out.”

Now, while nearby resident Allan Borges reflects on the miseries the mirror brought them, he also recognizes it was pretty cool for Palm Springs. 

"We love the tourism in Palm Springs and we invite people to come here and spend money. We don’t want to turn people away, but I really felt that they should have done the showing by so many tickets a day like on the lottery system."

Within three weeks, the land where this once popular attraction still stands will be converted back to rocky rugged desert.

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