Former High School Wrestling Star Now Coaching at Cathedral City High School

Former High School Wrestling Star Now Coaching at Cathedral City High School

Martín Di Felice

Cathedral City, CA

Former Rancho Mirage wrestling star Monica Kezis lost the ability to wrestle after her senior year due to an injury. Now she’s back on the mats coaching at Cathedral City High School inspiring and guiding young girls through the sport.

Monica Kezis joined the wrestling team when she was a sophomore.

"It was hard for me at first, a lot (of people) didn’t believe in me.” Kezis explained. “I actually had a family member who said, ‘no that’s bad, you’re going to do bad’ and I proved them wrong."

After one year of wrestling under her belt, Kezis made school history, becoming the first girl from Rancho Mirage High School to qualify for state.

"My junior year I made it to state and then my senior year I made it again,” Kenzis said. “It was a good accomplishment."

But an injury would spoil her trip to state her senior year.

"I broke my sternum, so I ended up having to quit." Kezis said.

Facing the decision to continue her career in college.

"I say if you have an injury and if you feel you can push through it, go for it.” Kezis explained. “But if you feel you can’t go any longer then that’s when you know where to stop."

Kezis stopped.

"I heard that she wasn’t coaching and that she wasn’t out of state for college wrestling.” Cathedral City High School head wrestling coach Jody Davis said. “I was shocked. She said that she made the choice to stay here and she was a little bit burnt out. I asked her if she would be interested in coaching for Cathedral City High School and she said, ‘I didn’t want to offend anyone from Rancho Mirage’. So, we got their blessing and we’re fortunate enough to get her over here. She’s been not only an amazing role model, but a coach. She’s just everything you’d want to have in someone who comes in and lead girls."

Making it special for Kezis to use her talent to help and inspire others.

"I’ve never had another girl like girl figure I guess that I can look up to, so it’s helped a lot." Senior wrestler Britney Garmica said.

"I feel that I can give back to these girls,” Kezis said. “I feel it’s a good opportunity for me to continue wrestling and to still be doing what I love."