Plans of Art Walk and Festival Park in La Quinta

Plans of Art Walk and Festival Park in La Quinta

Martín Di Felice

La Quinta, CA

The City of La Quinta is proposing big changes to an empty 35-acre land adjacent to the SilverRock Resort golf course. 

There is not much to look at the undeveloped land, but the city’s community resource director, Chris Escobedo, said the property may look very different soon.   

Escobedo said, "And what it would entail is the creation of phase one which is the art walk and festival phase that could accommodate festivals and events such as the La Quinta Arts Festival." 

He said they are envisioning a park filled with art and natural beauty to entertain people of all ages. But Escobedo said it is not all fun and games, he said plans for an amphitheater can bring revenue to the city. 

He said, "It would be a place that we could rent out and house these future events."

Escobedo said the city will have a better idea of the costs once they begin bidding with contractors, but they are proposing to stick to a $3.5 million budget. 

He said the money will come from a neighboring development of a luxury hotel.

"Since the developer is moving forward with the construction of the hotels and the resort at SilverRock," Escobedo said. "Those fees will be paid to the city and then we in turn are recommending utilizing that funding source to pay for phase one of the project."

The city wants to complete the first part of the project by the spring of 2020.