Therapist Says Valentine’s Day Can Be Difficult For Some

Therapist Says Valentine’s Day Can Be Difficult For Some

Martín Di Felice

Palm Desert, CA

Not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day with roses or chocolates. Marriage and family therapist Kelly Lewallen said Valentine’s Day can actually be a very difficult day for those who lost a loved one or are going through a break up. She said it can appear that everyone has a special someone, but that isn’t always the case.

"There’s a lot of love during this time, but that isn’t true for everyone, and certainly for people who’ve lost people or lost pets, or are in the middle of a breakup or divorce, this can be a very painful time for them," Lewallen said. 

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Lewallen advised people who dislike the holiday to turn it into a positive day. "So the one thing we can do is take charge like anything else in our lives, and decide perhaps if we want to do something about that hallmark holiday, that we then say, ‘I’m going to make Valentine’s Day a great day for me. I’m going to write down and plan somethings that I really want to do,’" she said.