Three House Fires in 24 Hours Keep Desert Hot Springs Firefighters Busy

Three House Fires in 24 Hours Keep Desert Hot Springs Firefighters Busy

Martín Di Felice

Desert Hot Springs, CA

Three homes are unlivable from separate fires that happened within 24 hours in Desert Hot Springs. 

It was a busy weekend for Riverside County Fire Department, Battalion Chief John Crater, and a fire on the 13300 Block of Caliente Drive was the third house fire he responded.

He said the fire began close to 2 P.M. inside a hallway closet. Crater said the family was at home when the fire broke-out and they were able to keep the fire from spreading to the rest of the home. 

And even though the fires happened within a three mile radius of Desert Hot Springs, Crater said their investigation does not indicate foul-play.

"There’s not a string of arson on houses," Crater said. "This is all just naturally occurring stuff like electrical and a little bit of carelessness and most of the fires we’ve had are non-suspicious."

Two other homes were also loss during a Saturday fire. Two people were sent to a hospital for minor injuries during an early morning fire on the 16000 Block of Via Vista. 

A second home was loss on the same day. Kiara Zarate said her mother’s home on Second Street was a total loss, a home shared by 10 of her family members. 

She said she went through a similar situation just last month, she was a fire victim and lost everything. She moved into her mother’s house to try to rebuild her life, but again a fire took it all. 

Zarate said, "People who saw us sitting down on the sidewalk, just came up and gave us stuff."

She said her priority now is to find a home for her five children. Zarate set a donation page and is depending on the support from the community.