Shadow Hills Ready for Cheer Nationals

Shadow Hills Ready for Cheer Nationals

Martín Di Felice

Indio, CA

Xavier Prep and Shadow Hills competitive cheer teams punched their tickets to nationals in January.

With the competition set to begin on Friday in Anaheim, we caught up with the Knights and Saints on earning a spot to cheer on the big stage.

"It’s not just a little competition," Shadow Hills senior Felicity Lira explained. "It’s like an arena. This is the big competition. This is what everyone fights for and wants to win."

"This is only our second season competing," Xavier Prep head cheer coach Staci Stevens said. "It’s really exciting. On their second year out. Last year we did not try to qualify for nationals. This year we did. On our first attempt we qualified for nationals."

"This is our second time going," Lira said. "The last time we went was three years ago and now we’re excited to go back."

Xavier Prep has opted not to go.