Keeping Crosswalks Safe in Downtown Palm Springs

Keeping Crosswalks Safe in Downtown Palm Springs

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

Downtown Palm Springs continues to grow with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and that means more pedestrian traffic. But how are police working to keep those pedestrians safe while crossing roads?

The City of Montclair, California has now passed an ordinance prohibiting people from being on their cellphones while in crosswalk zones. If caught, that person could face a $100 fine.

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Palm Springs Police say they like the ordinance and say it’s a good way to reduce accidents between cars and pedestrians.

Tourists like Brenda Jones loves taking pictures of the scenery in downtown Palm Springs but she knows it comes with a price.

"It’s dangerous, very dangerous," she said. "I don’t want to get hit by a car."

She was in town for the weekend and is leaving today heading back to Minneapolis and would like to make it back in one piece.

"I just slip it in pocket regardless of it it’s mid-text conversation," she said.

It seems many tourists KMIR News spoke with today, are aware its dangerous. So would the ordinance still be beneficial in Palm Springs?

"You’ve got to think about laws that make people think before they go out and do something," said Sergeant William Hutchinson with Palm Springs Police. "First and foremost it’s about saving your life or make sure you don’t get hurt."

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Hutchinson says don’t rely solely on signals, use your head and take time to look around you before crossing because if not.

"Someone could drive by and plow right into you," said Jones.

The City of Palm Springs says an ordinance would have to be passed and Palm Springs Police would have to enforce that ordinance but until then, they remind people to put the phone down and pay attention.