Lawmakers Propose Bill to Allow Veterinarians to Discuss Cannabis Use for Pets

Lawmakers Propose Bill to Allow Veterinarians to Discuss Cannabis Use for Pets

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

California lawmakers are working hard to pass a bill that would allow veterinarians the opportunity to talk to pet owners about cannabis use for treating pet illnesses.

For pet owners like Jeff Hocker, awareness of different treatments are important. His dog Chelsea, a chocolate lab, is 14-years-old. She’s vibrant and full of life but several years ago, it was quite the different story.

"She had a tumor in her bladder and so they wanted to do exploratory surgery," Hocker said.

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It would cost him thousands of dollars in surgery along with radiation and chemotherapy for Chelsea. He was about to go through with it until he talked to Julie Montante at PSA Organica, who educated him.

"High potency THC oil and it’s been known to reduce tumors in humans and pets," said Hocker.

A few days later after starting the cannabis oil, Chelsea was already eating again and gaining back weight she lost. Hocker was grateful for her recovery and thankful for the Cannabis oil.

"Why not try anything you can to bring your pet back to where it was," he said.

But if you’re a pet owner and hoping your vet may refer you to using cannabis oil, think again. It’s currently illegal for them to discuss Cannabis as an option for treatment.

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"In a lot of ways it’s still relatively new to them," said Cisca Friend, another pet owner in Palm Springs.

She visited her vet several times when her companion Charlie got sick.

"The vet said the dog is on the verge of pancreatitis," she said.

So she did her own research and came to PSA Organica, getting CBD oil for her dog.

"I took her home and for the first time in four days, the dog had relief," she said.

Montante says it’s an option that needs to be discussed. She sells several products, from eye drops for cataracts to that CBD oil many of her customers use for their pets, all to help pets suffer less and live more.

"She was happy, she had a skip in her step." said Friend. "Me as a pet owner, it was such a huge relief."

As of now, this bill is still trying to push its way through the state legislature. Last week, it failed an early vote from the California Veterinary Medical Board.