Desert Hot Springs Nabbed in a SWAT Standoff in LA County

Desert Hot Springs Nabbed in a SWAT Standoff in LA County

Martín Di Felice

Desert Hot Springs, CA

LAPD S.W.A.T. was called out to a home in San Pedro early on Thursday morning after a murder suspect decided to barricade himself inside a home. Turns out the man inside 38-year-old Anthony Webb is the very same man wanted in connection with a murder on Valentine’s Day in Desert Hot Springs.

"February fourteenth, our officers were dispatched to the location of Avenida Alta Loma here in Desert Hot Springs, here in desert hot springs when they arrived they identified two victims a male and a female the male succumb to his injuries and they immediately started the investigation into that murder," says Doria Wilms, the communications manager of Desert Hot Springs.

The investigation led Desert Hot Springs Police to a home in San Pedro, Wilms says the county’s Gang Enforcement Unit worked with the detectives to conduct surveillance to make sure the suspect was staying at the home. Once confirmed and armed with a warrant the detectives went in for the arrest.

Then, Wilms says the suspect barricaded himself, "At that point they did reach out to la swat team they arrived and they were able to assist the suspect did end up surrendering and we got the guy." 

Webb is now in custody facing multiple charges including the murder of 49-year-old Joseph Slayton and attempted murder of a woman.

She says Desert Hot Springs Police have been working on lowering the crime rate, "Though our overall crime rate is decreasing the department is concerned about the recent shootings that have occurred in the city … the entire staff is are working and strategizing on ways to combat that."

But this recent arrest over 100 miles away shows the lengths they’re willing to go to catch their suspect

"They risk their lives quite frankly to ensure the safety of this community so to have another murder suspect off the street it’s priceless."

Wilms says the relation of the victims and suspect is not being released. And while the condition or identity of the woman has not been released, she is still recovering from her injuries at a local hospital.