Suspected Palm Desert Robbers Drive Manhunt to Indian Wells Neighborhood

Suspected Palm Desert Robbers Drive Manhunt to Indian Wells Neighborhood

Martín Di Felice

Indian Wells, CA

A five-hour police manhunt inside an Indian Wells neighborhood ended with K-9 intervention. 

Indian Wells and Palm Desert police officers searched for a man they suspect robbed a business in Palm Desert.

It all began after one in the afternoon when police said two armed men robbed a business on Velie Way. Riverside County Sheriff Department Investigator, Armando Munoz said they then drove-off, "They left the location with an undisclosed amount of money." 

The two men took off on Highway 111 but were spotted before entering Indian Wells. 

Munoz said, "Officers tried to stop the vehicle but the driver failed to stop and a short pursuit on Hwy. 111 terminated here on Indian Wells on 111 and Desert Horizons." 

The pursuit ended after the two suspects crashed into a white Bentley near the Desert Horizons Country Club. Both of the men tried running away from police officers, but one of them did not get too far. Munoz said the second man jumped the border of a community in Indian Wells and the search continued. 

A California Highway Patrol airplane helped in the search from the air, as well as a police helicopter. But besides eyes in the sky, Munoz said police officers knocked doors and searched yard to yard for the second suspect with the help of K-9 units. 

The second suspect was found after 6 PM inside an empty home on Stardust Lane. Munoz said the suspect suffered minor injuries to at least one of his legs from the K-9 bite.