Family of Woman Killed in 2008 Forgives Murderer

Family of Woman Killed in 2008 Forgives Murderer

Martín Di Felice

Indio, CA

After ten years … The family of Kristin Miner can say they have justice.

"I’m sorry that it took this long," says Miner’s sister, Kim Molina outside the Indio courthouse, those seven words were for her sister who was killed, but inside the courtroom she held back tears as she read an impact statement before her sister’s killer Edward Leblanc. He leaded guilty to her 2008 murder.

"I’m excited that it’s all over, ten years has been a really long time, I’m just glad," she says. 

The FBI says Leblanc stabbed Miner to death on Valentine’s Day in 2008 then burned and buried her body in a shallow grave near Indio Hills, he then fled to Guatemala, where the FBI captured him in 2016 and brought him back to the U.S.

With a button pinned near her heart with the face of her sister, Molina asked her sister’s killer to tell her what happened the morning he stabbed her, "The whole story is not, you know, complete without Ed, telling me what happened and so I’m asking him to fill in the blanks."

The judge sentenced Leblanc to 16 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter, use of a deadly weapon and robbery, among other charges.

With miner’s daughter, hands wrapped tightly around her arm, Molina says the family has been working on forgiveness, "It hasn’t been fair to myself or my family that ten years of pain and hate and at some point you’ve got to let it all go and because it affects me more than it affects him."

She says she wants her sister to be remembered for her goodness, a goodness they still feel, "My sister was a very kindhearted person, loved kids, loved dogs and just didn’t really deserve what happened … there’s signs that she’s with us everyday."