Young Tennis Fan Beats Rare Spine Tumor and Attends BNP Paribas Open

Young Tennis Fan Beats Rare Spine Tumor and Attends BNP Paribas Open

Martín Di Felice

Indian Wells, CA

Brianna Anderson is 14 years-old and she is ready to experience her first live tennis match at the BNP Paribas Open. 

Tickets for the open dwindle as the matches continue, but Anderson did not have an issue finding a ticket, she got hers through kind work from the Indian Wells Tennis Garden and the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.   

Anderson said, "I’m excited to see my favorite player, which will be my first match to watch."

Her favorite tennis player is Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov, and on Saturday she was able to see her role model in action and up close.  

She said, "He’s so amazing, and I like everything, forearm, backhand, and I want to learn from that, and apply it into my game."

Anderson has the athletic gene, her father is a former Mayor League Baseball player, Brady Anderson, but tennis has been her sport since a young age. 

Her mother Sonia Anderson, said, "At four she was hitting balls, at seven she met her couch, at right she started playing USTA, at 12 she was number one at Southern California, at 13 she started playing for a team and went straight to a final."

But her early tennis career came to a halt when doctors discovered a benign tumor in her spine. 

Anderson said, "Once everything is taken away from you, you will realize how much it means to you and how important it is in your life."

A successful surgery got rid of her tumor and it was not long until Anderson was back on the court. She attributes her speedy recovery to her self-determination as well as the pour of support from her family and team mates. 

Anderson said she is more conscious about living in the moment, and she now realizes that losing a tennis match is not the worst thing in the world. 

She said, "Everything is going to be OK, because we have to go through the obstacles but it will come back to you when you do something good for other people, it will come back to you."