City Celebrates the Opening of Sanctuary Palm Springs

City Celebrates the Opening of Sanctuary Palm Springs

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

After years of renovations and preparations, the Sanctuary Palm Springs is now officially open. City leaders had an official ribbon cutting and got a chance to tour the house earlier Monday morning.

But the big announcement at the ribbon cutting, the Desert AIDS Project announced they’re partnering with the Sanctuary Palm Springs to provide medical coverage and care for each of the six residents who live in the house.

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"Dental, psychological, working with our trans youth," said David Rothmiller. "All these things are critical for the health and stability of our residents."

And it’s helping them live their most authentic lives possible. For Gary Salazar, it’s the first time he’s been able to breathe easy.

"I was in like five different homes since I was 14," said Salazar.

He’s now 20, has a permanent roof over his head and has had the opportunity of a life time planning for his future.

"Honestly, this did put me in the right direction. Before I wasn’t really doing so well," he said.

You’ll hear that story among the residents here at the house. Many are in the foster system or even struggling LGBT youth who were essentially homeless. They’re now being given a second chance.

"Really is a place for these kids to get on their feet, we provide them opportunities in education, in the arts and the workforce," said Rothmiller.

The goal for co-founders, David Rothmiller and LD Thompson was to make this house a home for these kids.

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"Everything you see here, is coming from the love of our community," he said.

The house was donated by Barry McCabe. Everything inside was donated by sponsors in the community. Even the extensive book collection in the living room was donated so the youth can open their minds even more..

"This home is in a lovely neighborhood, embraced by the neighborhood," said Palm Springs City Council Member, Lisa Middleton. "It shows what we can do in our city."