Local College Radio Sweeps National Awards in NYC

Local College Radio Sweeps National Awards in NYC

Martín Di Felice

Palm Desert, CA

A local college station is getting nationally awarded for its content, but it is likely you have never heard of them. 

KCOD is the student-run radio station at College of the Desert, and they are returning home with three first place trophies and a total of 17 awards from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s national awards. 

Abraham Cervates is a DJ at the college radio station and he took first place for his public his public service announcement to join the Palm Desert’s Citizen Patrol unit. 

Cervantes said, "It just feels good you know, representing your own family but also the family of the community here in the Coachella Valley."

Cervantes will soon transfer to CSUSBPD to pursue a degree in psychology, but his passion for radio won him an unexpected award making his family proud. 

He said, "I told my son, hey I got nominated for this and I’m going to go to New York and I will potentially win an award and he was way more excited than I was."

KCOD Adviser, Laurilie Jackson, said they went from having no radio on campus, to winning national awards in just a few years. 

Jackson said, "There’s so much talent and wisdom here in so many areas of life that we want to share those stories with the rest of the Coachella Valley."

But a small hurdle KCOD students face is that their AM station does not reach very far, but they said anyone could listen to their station from anywhere in the world through the "TuneIn App". 

And students like Giselle Woo want you to listen, she said, "As a musician, all I want is to be heard and I feel I speak for a lot of people when I say that, so I told Toni, lets add some local music it only makes sense."

The DJs and staff at KCOD said they want to be the platform for local voices and local music, and along the way, they want to continue discovering how far their talents will take them. 

"We all have things in our life going on, we might stumble across something or have a little rock in the road," Cervantes said. "But if you take it one day at a time and you have someone supporting you, you can go a long way."