Trump Arrives In California, Inspects Border Wall Prototypes

Trump Arrives In California, Inspects Border Wall Prototypes

Martín Di Felice

San Diego, CA

President Trump made his first visit to California today since taking office. At the same time, protesters in San Diego were fuming over the president’s plan to build a border wall.

While inspecting eight border wall prototypes, the president said the lower part of the wall should be transparent so border agents can monitor anyone approaching the wall from Mexico.

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"I do have a preference. The problem is you have to have see-through. You have to know what’s on the other side of the wall. You could be two feet away from a criminal cartel and you don’t even know they’re there," said Trump.

The president then held a large photograph comparing an area of the border in the 1990’s to what it looks like today.

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"We have a lousy wall here now. But at least it stops 90-95 percent. When we put up the real wall, we’re going to stop 99 percent, maybe more than that.," said Trump.

The president wrapped up the San Diego portion of his trip by speaking to troops at Miramar Air Station, telling them he plans to build up the military in the same way he plans to build up the wall. 

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"The two year budget agreement I just reached with congress will provide $700 billion dollars in defense funding this year. The largest ever," Trump said.

The president arrived in Los Angeles where he was met by more protests. Trump is scheduled to attend a campaign fundraiser in Beverly Hills.