Uber Will Be Able To Pick People Up From The Airport Starting On Monday

Uber Will Be Able To Pick People Up From The Airport Starting On Monday

Trino Martinez

Palm Springs, CA

The Palm Springs International Airport is going to be busier than usual starting on Monday. Uber will finally be able to pick people up from the airport and one Uber couldn’t be more excited. Donna Allen was patiently waiting to see if the City Council would eventually allow Uber drivers to pick people up inside of the airport, as opposed to picking them up across the street. Starting on Monday, her wish will come true.

“It’s very exciting, yeah, we didn’t know a date, but that’s awesome," Donna told KMIR.

It’s a day that will transform the way people get picked up from the palm springs international airport.

“It’s so much more convenient. It’s what it should be.”

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Convenient because, starting on Monday, Uber drivers like Donna Allen, will finally be able to pick people up by the terminals.

“It’s only fair. You’ve got cabs there, you’ve got uberblack there. I don’t understand why uberx wouldn’t be there.”

Donna also says this will make things safer and better for everybody.

“Let’s be real. A lot of people that come to the desert are retirees, are a little bit older than maybe your average tourists. So, it’s just going to make it better for everyone. It just makes sense. It gives people an option because they have that all over the city.”

Options that will not only be given on monday, but will also be clearly available.

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“There will be signage for TNC pickups which are those carries like Uber, and it was going to be in a place that was easily accessible.”

Uber app blocks will also be lifted so that visitors don’t have to walk out of the airport to call an Uber, which might make things a little hectic but Donna says she isn’t worried at all.

“I’ll be there for that first flight arrival. Yeah!”

Now that Uber is allowed to pick up inside of the airport, Lyft is the next ride share company in line to get approved. They are currently in the process of submitting their application. Also, it’s important to note that while ride share companies will be allowed to pick up passengers at the airport.. Those drivers are not subject to drug tests.

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