La Quinta Councilman Says City Survey Was Biased

La Quinta Councilman Says City Survey Was Biased

Martín Di Felice

La Quinta officials are still looking to invest millions of dollars to increase public safety, but do city residents agree? A city survey says they do. La Quinta Councilman Steve Sanchez says, that’s not true.

“Reading the question…I would have answered favorably," said Sanchez about the survey.

A survey that he says has biased questions in it.

“By no means do I think they were skewed on purpose, or misleading. I think that’s just the way they happened to read.”

The city has been giving out surveys to see what residents think of the estimated $2.5-million project that would include putting up 200 cameras in public spaces across La Quinta.

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“83 percent of the responses were in favor of the council moving forward with the alternative ideas with the use of cameras,” said Sanchez

A result that he says is inaccurate. Here’s example of a question that was given in the survey: Would you support new public safety initiatives that increase the safety of your community?

“Hearing that question, who would say no, right? I mean, you would respond with a favorable, saying yes. And I think that’s why the results came out the way they came out"

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However, while Sanchez admits he sees the proposed plan as an infringement on privacy, He also understands cameras may help with better protecting the community, which he’s all for. Of course, as long as it’s what the people want. So, he’s proposed a new plan.

“I try to keep Big Brother, the government, out of my life as much as possible…so I would like to see another survey with maybe a third party that is objective and has no really vested interest on whether we do it or not, so you;re not looking at the question and thinking I should answer yes or I should answer no.”

Public safety officials say that as police costs continue to go  up, the cameras would increase police and fire department efficiency, reduce criminal activity and improve emergency response time. Something that the council believes is worth looking into.