First Co-Work Space Opens in Coachella Valley

First Co-Work Space Opens in Coachella Valley

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the new co-work space at the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce took place Thursday evening. It’s the first of its kind in the Coachella Valley.

What’s so unique about the space is that it didn’t cost palm springs taxpayers one penny. The $230,000 price tag on renovating this building here came from the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerces savings account and fund-raising events across the valley.

When you walk inside the new co-work space, that’s when ideas start flowing.

"You actually need the office environment to get creative," says Aaron Olin, a freelance worker from Vancouver.

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All Olin needs is his laptop, headset and the incredible views of the San Jacinto Mountains to make his busy work day count.

"When I have to work it’s usually about a good eight to ten hours," he said.

Olin travels the world and co-work spaces are sometimes a second home for him, so when he comes to visit family in Palm Springs, spaces like this are crucial for his freelance business.

"Everyone gets together and kind of understands what each other does and I’ve actually picked up work from other co-working places where I’ve met people and we’ve exchanged contact information and they’ve hired me for projects," said Olin.

Chamber of Commerce President, Steven Henke wants this space to be an open door for new business in the valley.

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"We want people to create ideas that don’t leave when they leave. We don’t want the idea to get back on the plane. We want the idea to stay in palm springs and create new opportunity for the residents of palm springs," said Henke.

There’s a lounge area and fully functional kitchen just steps away from every desk in the work space. Down the hall there’s a large conference room where business owners can hold meetings.

"Our board room is no longer a board room, it’s the co-lab, so this is where we want people to come together to collaborate." said Henke.

When you walk in the building, you’ll notice a huge seating area equipped with power sources and wi-fi…designated work spaces for each occupant who chooses to work in the space.

It’s all accessible for 25 bucks a day for anyone needing a space to get creative. If you’re looking to rent space out longer, you can work at a dedicated desk for $300 per month. Private offices are $50 per day, $200 per week and $450 a month. The board room rents for $100 a day.

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