Thousands Demonstrate at Palm Springs ‘March For Our Lives’

Thousands Demonstrate at Palm Springs ‘March For Our Lives’

Martín Di Felice

Palm Springs, CA

The Coachella Valley community joined the over 800 towns and cities around the world on Saturday’s March For Our Lives. The demonstration was a nation-wide event that brought out hundreds of thousands of people to rally against gun violence. 

John Terry a student from Desert Hot Springs High School was one of the leaders marching and speaking at the Palm Springs demonstration. 

"This march to me is at least to stand-up for my safety and our peers safety," Terry said. "To make sure something like Parkland doesn’t happen again, we should have to go to our schools or movie theater and worry if whether we are getting shot."

Local residents filled the Palm Springs High School stadium to unite for the same message. Asziah McAfee is also a student from Desert Hot Springs, she said, "Enough is enough, we are not going to let this keep going on, we are going to make a change and the change needs to come right now."

She said she is marching to remember the lives lost during mass shootings, but she said the main goal is to create a national change in gun laws. 

"These lives are being taken and we are not just going to sit there and wait for the adults who are suppose to be protecting us to do something," McAfee said, "Because they haven’t been doing something for the past 200 years."

President Donald Trump proposed arming teachers to make schools safer after a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 people. But Terry does not think that is a good idea for the classroom. 

Terry said, "A teacher that you feared the most or hated the most and then arming them with a weapon to supposedly protect you, I am not saying that they won’t protect you but that just brings more fear onto us."

Many of the marchers said they do not want a complete ban on guns, but they do advocate for more conservative gun laws. 

McAfee said, "We don’t stop after a week, we don’t stop after a month, we don’t stop after a year, it’s something that happens every year and until the government listens to us, we are going to keep protesting."

The United States Justice Department is proposing to ban bump-stocks, a gun accessory that makes a semi-automatic weapon shoot like a machine gun, but until then students said they will continue to march. A national school walk-out is scheduled for April 20.