Congressman Honors Local Heroes

Congressman Honors Local Heroes

Kitty Alvarado


“Forever this story and your name will be recorded in our nation’s history,” said Congressman Raul Ruiz (D) 36th Dist. at a small private ceremony he held to honor Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies Alicia Lopez and Daniel DiMaggio, adding “a sign of appreciation and tremendous respect.”

In 2017 Deputy Lopez donated her kidney to save the life of her former coworker’s son Matthew Castleberry.

Ruiz read the proclamation in her honor that will be a part of our nation’s Congressional record, “Mr. Speaker, on behalf of California’s 36th congressional district, I truly commend Deputy Lopez for her heroism and compassionate sacrifice, her willingness to help little Matthew is an inspiration to us all.”

Deputy Lopez says she’s not a hero  but thinks another RSO deputy is, “I just wanted to inspire one person to donate, and I did one of my coworkers from the Thermal station and donating to whoever is up and I think she’s a hero.”

Deputy Daniel DiMaggio’s proclamation read like something out of a movie.

“On May 25,2017 Deputy Solis was shot five times during a foot pursuit in the City of Coachella, Deputy DiMaggio rapidly responded to the situation and assessed Deputy Solis’ injuries … Deputy DiMaggio’s medical assistance was key in helping save his life, read Ruiz.

But ask Deputy DiMaggio if he thinks what he did was heroic and you get this response, “I was doing my job, doing what I was trained.”

And that’s what every hero always says.