Shooting Erupts at YouTube HQ, Female Suspect Dead

Shooting Erupts at YouTube HQ, Female Suspect Dead

News Staff

The woman who opened fire Tuesday at YouTube headquarters in Northern California, triggering a massive police response as employees ran from the building, is dead at the scene, police said.

The shooter died by “self-inflicted wound,” according to San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini. He said four victims were transported to local hospitals for gunshot-related injuries.

San Francisco General Hospital said it received three patients: one male in critical condition and two females in serious and fair condition. Stanford Medical Center also said it received a patient from the incident.

Television news footage showed people leaving the building in a line, holding their arms in the air for police to inspect as they went by. Officers patted down people grouped outside, and police vehicles surrounded the area.

One witness, Jesse, told NBC Bay Area he was at a fast-food restaurant nearby and heard at least 20 shots within two minutes.

“I knew the shooter was right by me because you could feel the sensations of the bullet,” he said.

Jesse said one woman was shot in the leg and ran into the Carl’s Jr. Diners helped the woman try and stop the bleeding. He also said he saw another woman shot multiple times inside YouTube’s courtyard.

Barberini said the building had been evacuated but the investigation continued at the scene.

Videos and photos on social media showed YouTube employees walking out of offices with their hands raised. SWAT teams surrounded the campus, guns drawn.

On Twitter, YouTube employees reported hearing multiple gunshots inside the campus. A few were live tweeting what they saw while they were hiding in their offices.

Marco Tartaglia, who works at a Walmart near the complex on Cherry Street, told NBC Bay Area he heard about 15 shots “from the direction of the YouTube building, from what sounded like inside.”

“We heard the shots first, and that immediately drew us over to the window to see what the heck’s going on, and next thing you know, you see people streaming out just running, dozens of them, just running out the front exit,” Tartaglia said.

President Donald Trump said he has been briefed on the situation. “Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved,” he said.

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