Motor Patrol Unit Comes to Desert Hot Springs Police Department

Motor Patrol Unit Comes to Desert Hot Springs Police Department

Patrick Price

For the first time in years, the Desert Hot Springs Police Department is fully staffed and they’re now welcoming in a motor traffic patrol unit to their force.

It’s been nearly a decade since the roads of Desert Hot Springs has seen two-wheeled patrol.

“To be able to enforce traffic laws where most of our issues occur are on Palm Drive,” said Police Chief Dale Mondary of the Desert Hot Springs Police Department.

It’s one of the busiest thoroughfares for many who enter and exit the city. Since Chief Mondary started about three years ago, the new unit has been one of his top priorities all because of some staggering statistics.

“In a 15 year period we’ve had 23 fatal accidents in this city involving pedestrians,” he said.

The police department spent years searching for grant money to purchase a motorcycle but that failed. So the city of Desert Hot Springs stepped up allowing the department to use development impact fees that are set aside for purchasing police vehicles.

“Then we started researching the motorcycles what would be the best for the environment,” said Mondary.

So they chose this 3$9,000 dollar BMW model. It’ll be driven by a current officer, one with experience.

“He’s been here a couple of years, he was a certified motor officer at his previous agency,” he said. “It has long guns on them so he can also, he can assist and back up other officers instead of just specifically focusing on traffic enforcement which will be his primary role.”

Chief Mondary’s main goal is to reduce accidents and the chance of fatalities, to make Desert Hot Springs a safer place..

After the motorcycle is delivered, the officer using it will have to be outfitted with a special Kevlar uniform much different than officers in normal patrol cars.

Chief Mondary says after that’s all said and done, you could expect to see this new motor patrol unit out on the roads in about two months.