A Shooting Near a Coachella Park Sends Teen to the Hospital

Max Rodriguez

An early morning shooting near the Bagdouma Park in Coachella sent a teenage-boy to the hospital with minor injuries, but medics were called at least ten mile away from the site of the shooting.

Deputy Mike Vasquez is a Public Information Officer with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, he said details on how the teen traveled from one place to another are still unknown, he said the victim is not cooperating.

Vasquez said, “Just before 8:20 this morning we received a report of a male who was injured within the 40000 block of Harris Lane in the city of Palm Desert.” He said the shooting in Coachella happened several hours before they reached the young man, but the exact time of the shooting is still unknown.

Lee Espinoza has been turning Coachella Valley youth into boxing champions for almost 40 years, and his facility is on the park where the shooting happened. He said shootings are known to happen around the park, but his lives work is to keep the local youth on the right track through boxing.

Espinoza said, “Whoever stays here, if they don’t become Oscar De La Hoya, they will become a better person.”

One of his prime examples is Randy Caballero, he is a former IBF Bantamweight World Champion. Caballero said he owns his success to the teachings at the boxing club in Bagdouma Park, but he said he has lost friends due to violence.

“Growing up in this valley is not easy,” Caballero said. “We’ve had kids who were on drugs, came in here and represented the US team the Mexico team, they were on drugs and totally changed their life because of this, this is a life changing opportunity, I think this gym changed me for the better.”

And Espinoza wants to keep changing even more lives, he said, “Instead of being in the streets risking your life, you can come over here.”

The Riverside County Sheriff Department said they not have a suspect or description yet, and they are asking the for the public’s input to help solve the case.

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