Los Angeles Designer Brings Bridal Couture Collection to Palm Springs

Los Angeles Designer Brings Bridal Couture Collection to Palm Springs

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The Style Fashion Week in Palm Springs continues through the first weekend of April and a designer native of Los Angeles will be closing Saturday’s fashion show.

Johana Hernandez is the founder and designer of GLAUDI, and her clothing has walked the runways of Paris to New York. But she said her clothes goes back to her roots, her parents are immigrants from El Salvador and she grew watching them work endless hours in garment factories.

She said she would go with her parents to work, as they were not able to afford a sitter. Several years later, she is now living her dream and helping other achieve theirs through fashion.

“I’m that designer that will take you to achieve your dreams,” Hernandez said.

 “If you want to look like the most beautiful woman in the pageant, you’ll win the beauty pageant because I will design your dress or if you want to get best dressed, I’ve had best dressed with many celebrities in the red carpet with my designs, or for a wedding your once in a lifetime dress, I will design that dress for you.”

Her latest collection is, “Bridal Couture Love Story” she said the clothing will tell the story of Romeo and Juliet, but with a happy ending she said.

“Because I design wedding dresses for them to live happily ever after,” Hernandez said. “So down the runway they are going to fall in love, be sad because there’s a part where they break-up, it’s not going to be acting, it is just going to be the dresses, the colors the designs, you are going to feel the story.”

But she not only makes her bride’s dreams come true, she said with her collections she was able to build a school back in her parent’s hometown in El Salvador.