Cesar Chavez’s Grandson Holds Special Documentary Screening of Icon’s Life for Local Students

Cesar Chavez’s Grandson Holds Special Documentary Screening of Icon’s Life for Local Students

Kitty Alvarado

“They say you can never know what someone is living until they walk in their shoes,” says Eduardo Chavez, so he set out to find out. The shoes he’d be walking in, his grandfather’s, known to the rest of the world as the iconic leader of the farmworkers’ rights movement Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez died when Eduardo was a year and a half, he says that journey turned into a documentary film, ‘Hailing Cesar’ to better understand his legacy. 

He says the film was two years in the making, some of it funded by crowd sourcing. Fitting it was accepted to be in the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs as the grape strike for farmworkers’ rights Chavez is famous for started here in the valley.

But Eduardo admits before making this film he knew nothing about that kind of work, “Before my whole experience in working in the fields, I really didn’t know too much about farmworkers,” adding that he feels in the making of this film he now better understands a lot of things, “I learned so much about my grandfather’s struggles, his triumphs, I learned so much about myself, about my family.”

Something he’s now passing on by touring schools showing the film and holding Q & A  sessions throughout the country.

On Monday, Edward was proud to hold a special screening for Coachella Valley High School students, “I can hope that I can educate young people on my grandfather’s life as and activist on his message.”

A message that lives on in the grape fields of Coachella and beyond, “The consciousness and pride that were raised by our union are alive and thriving inside millions of young Hispanics who will never work on a farm,” said Cesar Chavez famously in a speech. 

If you missed it at the AM Docs Fest, there will be an additional screening at the Mary Pickford Theater in Cathedral City at 6:30 on Saturday, April 14, 2018.