Indio Vacation Rentals Boom Ahead of Festival Season

Indio Vacation Rentals Boom Ahead of Festival Season

Patrick Price

Coachella 2018 is quickly approaching and homes across the eastern part of the valley are going to be all filled up with festival-goers. Vacation rentals in Indio and Coachella are booming especially around this time of year.

It’s crunch time for Fina Meraz. The month of April is non-stop cleaning as she opens her doors to visitors worldwide.

“Leave a goodie bag on the kitchen island to welcome them to our home,” she said.

They’re coming to get a piece of the Coachella dream and this year, Meraz is using one of the headliners as a way to up her homes appeal.

“Especially because Queen Beyoncé is in town, so you can charge a little more,” said Meraz.

From her doorstep, ou can hear the sounds of Coachella artists singing the day and night away but when guests need a break from the music, they can go inside.

“We do try to make everything very cozy, we’ve got our big screen tv, we’ve got games, Xboxes,” she said.

This is a prime month for vacation rentals in the eastern part of the valley where demand for housing because of festivals is staggering.

“They think of Indio not having much to offer but there really is…we’ve got the gorgeous mountain views like everybody else and we’re close to where the festivals are,” said Meraz.

She rents her home for $1,500 a night and her condo for $1,000 a night. Both sell out almost instantly. While her two properties are full, Meraz and her family take the time to get away.

“Hey lets take off for the weekend, take our kids out to Disneyland or universal studios,” she said.

It’s a nice vacation while they still make money away from home. Meraz says her goal is to save enough to install a pool in their back yard.

She says it’s what many do which in turn will allow them to increase the amount they charge to those coming into town for Coachella and stagecoach weekends.