Construction on New Amphitheater In Cathedral City set for June

Construction on New Amphitheater In Cathedral City set for June

Patrick Price

More growth in downtown Cathedral City, part of the city’s plan to provide more art to the community. The newest project is in the form of an amphitheater and it’s being paid for by state grants. The cost of the project $2.8 million dollars and that’s exactly how much is being covered by that grant which means taxpayers in Cathedral City aren’t spending a penny.

From dirt, weeds and rocks, the 2.5 acre piece of land will transform into a masterpiece of art. It’s a 2,000 seat theater style amphitheater with multi-purpose use.

“We’re needing more festival space,” said Chris Parmon with Cathedral City.

From the Hot Air Balloon Festival to LGBT Days, Cathedral City is working to build those events even more.

“To be able to give us that space for outdoor concerts, movies in the park, art shows,” said Parmon.

It’s part of a bigger plan to bring arts to the downtown area. Right now, steps from where the future amphitheater will sit, the old Desert Cinemas building is under construction. The building was bought out by CV Rep, soon putting on theater productions for surrounding communities.

And now the addition of the amphitheater will have the entire community in mind.

“Walking trails, children’s play areas, permanent restrooms,” said Parmon.

It’ll be open day in and day out for anyone.

“Days when we don’t have a festival, to walk around the park, eat lunch in the park, try to have some music, some movies in the park, Shakespeare in the park, many different avenues for people to come in and enjoy,” he said.

The expected completion date is February 2019, just in time for the Taste of Jalisco Festival which could grow even larger with the new addition.

It’s a major hope for all festivals and events as the future of downtown Cathedral City continues to grow.