Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs Leaves Town This Week

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs Leaves Town This Week

Max Rodriguez

The Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs is just shy of five years of being in business, but a statement from their corporate office said they will pull their brand from the desert on Thursday.

The Coachella Valley locals are reacting over the hotel’s decision to leave town, such as Myra Monroy who hoped to find a job at the hotel.

“I don’t understand, I feel it is a perfect image for Palm Springs,” Monroy said.”Wow, I just walked out from there, and they didn’t tell me anything at all.”

The Hard Rock International said their departure is beyond their control and no further comment. But the Palm Springs Mayor, Robert Moon has a theory.

“The hotels seems to continue to do well, however this brand did not seem to work here that well,” Moon said. “But it is a great location, it’s got a great ball room the hard rock really upgraded the pool and a lot of the outside areas.” 

Upgrades that will be enjoyed by a company that knows the building very well.

The mayor said, “It’s not going to be closed, no, my understanding is that it is going to go back to being Hotel Zoso again, which it was before Hard Rock took over.”

A spokeswoman for the hotel’s corporate office said the transition to the new owners will happen immediately on April 26, with the 132 employees staying under the new management.

John Harrington used to work at Hotel Zoso, and he said he gladly welcome them back.

Harrington said, “I had a lot of occupations in life but I think of all the occupations I had, working at the Zoso was was really the very best.”

And Hard Rock Hotel or not, the doors will remain open for Monroy and a future job at the hotel.

She said, “I have front desk experience, so I really would like to work as a front desk agent.” 

The hotel will remain open during the Stagecoach Festival and the white party without interruption.