Xavier Prep Swim Team Commemorates Riley Rose

Xavier Prep Swim Team Commemorates Riley Rose

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Xavier College Preparatory High School entered DVL finals today with a honorary Saint written on their backs.

Riley Rose Sherman.

“She came to mass a couple months ago and the principal as well as staff made her an honorary Saint.” Xavier Prep freshman swimmer Sammy Castillo said. “From then on we’ve considered her a part of us.”

The six-year-old was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2016. Despite several attempts to treat the cancer, Riley died on April 13th.

A funeral service was held at Sacred Heart Church in Palm Desert Tuesday morning. Xavier Prep closed school so students and staff could attend.

The Saints swim team competed in DVL Finals Tuesday afternoon and dedicated their final meet to Riley Rose.

“We were like, ‘Let’s do something for her that would make it really special’,” Castillo explained. “We wrote her name on our shoulders to honor her because she was such a Saint and we think of her as a Saint in everything we do.”

Xavier Prep girls’ swim team clinched their 4th consecutive DVL title. La Quinta took home the league title on the boys side.

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