Boxing to Knock Out Parkinson’s Disease

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Research shows that forceful exercises like boxing can help keep at bay some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s, help with balance, and build stamina. When patients are dedicated to the program, they can reap some big rewards.

It’s all about high energy and power. It’s amazing to see, when you remember that everyone in the room has Parkinson’s Disease. A condition that affects how a person moves. Many experience stiffness, tremors, and are unable to carry out movements as rapidly as before. That’s what makes this class so exceptional.

Not only are they moving, they’re working hard, focusing on getting stronger, and fighting to stave off some of the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s. The drills help to increase dopamine levels. Dopamine is involved in the sending of messages to the part of the brain that controls coordination and movement. Parkinson’s patients have abnormally low dopamine levels.

Within four to six weeks, they’ll see an extreme increase in flexibility, increase in endurance low in their tremors.

Castro Sanchez says, “it just wakes you up and makes you feel revived.” Sanchez was diagnosed with Parkinson’s almost two years ago. He says that before he discovered Rock Steady Boxing, he had no energy and felt down.

Talk about packing a powerful punch, Kim Bueltel has been taking this class for three years. What gives her the strength in big part, is focusing on punching out Parkinson’s. “You keep that in the back of your mind and it keeps you stronger and you keep hitting harder.”

Parkinson’s also affects the voice, which can get weaker over time. Gloria Landau says voice activation exercises help to keep their vocals strong, “we do a lot of screaming.”

Forceful exercise helps to suppress and suspend the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. This is a year-round class in the Desert. For more information you can call Gloria Landau at 760-831-1909.

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