Desert Jet Center to Resume Construction of New Terminal

Desert Jet Center to Resume Construction of New Terminal

Lauren Day Connect

After a two-year battle with the County of Riverside, Desert Jet Center in Thermal will be resuming construction at the Jacqueline Cochran Airport.

CEO of Desert Jet Center Denise Wilson says, “they just recently gave us an 18-month construction period extension to be able to finish our project.”

The luxury construction project started back in 2016, but was halted by Riverside County Board of Supervisors. “They understand that those delays were not caused by things that were under our ability to control,” says Wilson.

The new terminal will also help employ more locals. Maintenance Technician Jorge Rodriguez says, “I went to high school down the street and always saw the planes going by and thought that would be pretty cool.”

Fellow Maintenance Technician Paul Rodriguez says, “I work on the airplanes whenever they break down, preventative measures, and we service oil.”

Without Desert Jet Center, Paul would still be commuting, “I would fly to Seattle, had a crash pad there and then fly back, and San Diego was everyday.”

Once it’s complete, it will turn the empty lot into a state of the art terminal and hangar. “The entire project is almost a 5 acre project,” says Wilson.

Desert Jet Center mostly serves high profile clients, like celebrities visiting the Valley, flying in on private jets.

Wilson says their expansion will still benefit more than just their luxury clients. “Whether people are staying in our hotel rooms, their visiting our restaurants, they’re renting our rental cars, all of those things trickle down and affect really all of us.”

The new project is expected to be finished in 2019.