New Coachella Hotel Plans to Pull Tourism to East Valley

New Coachella Hotel Plans to Pull Tourism to East Valley

Max Rodriguez

The majority of the hotels in Palm Springs are completely booked for Memorial Day weekend, but a new hotel construction in Coachella is looking to pull guests towards to eastern side of the desert.

The Glenroy will be a luxury resort and the first hotel to open in the City of Coachella and with Coachella becoming an international brand, the resort has a clear guest in mind.

The Mayor of Coachella, Steven Hernandez, said his city’s median age is 35 years old, and new developments are keeping those generations in mind.

Hernandez said, “What they are setting are bungalows so there are two bedroom bungalows, four bedroom bungalows, a six bedroom bungalow so folks can bring their families, they could bring their friends and they can rent out these spaces.”

The Glenroy will also have a restaurant and bar, and an entire outside playground for adults.

“It’s almost looking to create a Las Vegas experience, where you’re going to have a 10-thousand square foot pool, it will be the largest pool in the Coachella Valley at the same time,” Hernandez said. “There’s going to be a restaurant on the second floor and that is going to create a really unique space because it will create a bit of a club atmosphere.”

The city will go from zero to 400 hotel rooms and it will house between 800 to 1,000 guests during peak festival season.

The hotel will have to compete with established resort cities such as Palm Springs and it’s over 6000 rooms ready to welcome guests. But again, the hotel has a type of client in mind. The property has an in-house marijuana dispensary in house, and it is conveniently located about a mile from another lucrative project by the city, the cannabis cultivation zone.

The construction boom around Coachella continues outside of the hotel project. A new Coachella library is opening across the street from city hall. Hernandez said the library will be equipped with classrooms, indoor and outdoor event space and a coffee shop, he said, “Our idea is to create a Millennial spot, create a cultural spot, create an art spot, create and educational spot.”

With all of these projects Hernandez hopes Coachella becomes a player in the desert’s $5 billion tourism economy.

Hernandez said, “It really is going to transform the City of Coachella and bring us part of the tourist economy.'”

The Glenroy is set to open by Labor Day weekend with a price-tag of $70 billion, while the library will open around next school year.