Fifth-grade girl with cancer dances night away at her ‘dream prom’

Fifth-grade girl with cancer dances night away at her ‘dream prom’

News Staff

Wednesday was a dream come true for Madison Smallwood, 11, of Monroe, Ohio.

The fifth-grade girl celebrated prom with hundreds of her friends surrounding her.

Smallwood is battling bone cancer. Doctors believe she may only have months to live, so the community pulled together to give Madison a night to remember.

Cameras captured the heart-melting moments as Smallwood was dressed up in her prom dress, surrounded by her classmates.

“I have to be happy in this moment because this is a memory I will have forever and a life,” mom Lori Smallwood said.

This night all began with a bucket list wish.

“I went to go find a dress. And then I’m like well, I don’t have a date and that’s when those four dates happened and then it kind of turned into a whole prom,” Madison Smallwood said.

The community pulled together. One by one, “promposals” for this smiling 11-year-old came rolling in.

Boys from her class brought cakes, flowers and even donuts asking Madison to prom.

“It just fills my heart because she’s going through a rough time obviously so if it’s anything to make it better, then why not?” prom date Colby Watts said.

Madison rode in style while her friends followed in a hot pink limo. Smallwood’s mother said she would rather not fast forward through these milestones.

“My motto that I try to teach my kids is no one is promised tomorrow, and so we have to live for today, and I also believe in miracles and I tell her that every single day,” Smallwood said.

As the kids danced the night away, the fifth-graders still worry and care about their friend.

“It’s scary that she might not make it, but at the same time, the doctors are doing everything they can to make her feel better,” prom date Nolan Mattingoi said.

Madison only had one wish to make the night even more spectacular. “To not have cancer,” she said.

Her family held tight to these memories, thankful Madison’s dream prom came true.

“Monroe has truly a heart of gold and I would not live anywhere else but Monroe,” Lori Smallwood said.

The venue at Lake Lyndsay along with food, photography and other activities at the prom were all donated from people in the community.

Smallwood said her daughter still has a few bucket list items she’s working to accomplish, including a trip to the beach and a trip to see Cincinnati’s favorite hippo, Fiona.