Unemployment Rate Plummets to Lowest in 18 Years

Unemployment Rate Plummets to Lowest in 18 Years

Max Rodriguez

It is graduation season and lucky for current grads, the job market is seeing an increase of hires; the national unemployment rate is at 3.8% the lowest it has been in 18 years, but that was not the case just a few years ago.

Amanda Avila moved back to the desert in 2014, and she said it took her well over seven months to find a job, even with her college degree.

Avila said, “Honestly I had to remove my education from my resume just to get call backs.” Avila was overqualified for the jobs she applied, and she felt her degree was deterring potential employers from hiring her in fear she would not last long in the position.

She said, “I applied for sales positions, I applied at the local casinos, and I applied for the county’s multiple positions.”

Avila finally landed a position with Riverside County as a social worker, and she is now part of the 127 million people employed in the United States.

Robert Rodriguez polished his resume at the county’s work force center in Indio; he has a part-time but is looking for a full-time position. He hopes it is easier to find a position through online applications, “I have my resume online, I have the internet on my phone with my smart phone, so now I don’t even have to go to a place, you could just be at home scanning jobs, sending your resume, and wait to hear from them.”

The low national unemployment rate has also translated locally. The City of Indio has the largest labor force in the Coachella Valley with almost 40,000 people. Indio’s unemployment rate fell to four percent from last April’s at 5.4 percent.

The job stability gives people like Avila the chance to search for new opportunities, KMIR News met her at a U.S. Border Patrol job fair. She is not doing it for necessity but for personal growth.

Avila said, “Expanding my horizons I guess, not being stuck at the same job, I want to give my son more than he currently has.”

The Riverside County also saw a decline in the unemployment rate, April 2018 shows the county at 3.8 percent that is lower than April 2017 when it was at five percent.