Your Health Matters: E-Sight Glasses

Imagine the life-changing event of a legally blind person being able to see again.

Well, that’s the case with one Coachella Valley man who began using E-Sight glasses.

Hudson Mark was born with perfect eyesight, but just about ten years ago his vision began to rapidly decline.

“My field of vision started to narrow; so the peripheral vision started to fare and it fades until it’s down to nothing,” said Mark.

Doctors diagnosed Mark with Retinitis Pigmatosis, a genetic condition that eventually steals a person’s eyesight. In Mark’s case, he was legally blind by the age of 40.

“The normal eye has 200 degrees field of vision, I have less than 3 without the glasses.” “It’s not like I see shadows and things are blurry,” he continued. “I just see through a pinprick … I would scan here, here, here, and here until I cover the whole face and my brain puts it together.”

Without the glasses, Mark usually uses a support cane to navigate his way around, but with the glasses, he gets the gift of sight.

“I’m without words everytime these power up,” he said. “Do you understand I saw dark gray, and that’s it!”

Since Mark lost his sight and then got it back, everything he sees is a big deal.

“Oh my God, Trees, different shades of green, a guy walking across the parking lot … I see with clarity, better than 20/20,” he went on.

A high definition camera is installed in the headset and uses technology to capture and display video in real time. Allowing him to do most things many take for granted.

“I can pick out my clothes and I dressed myself this morning.”

And he can feast his “eyes” on his longtime companion Taxi.

“I haven’t seen her for years… now I can play ball with her!”

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