Will ‘Forever Marilyn’ Return to Palm Springs?

Will ‘Forever Marilyn’ Return to Palm Springs?

Max Rodriguez

It has been four years since the “Forever Marilyn” sculpture left downtown Palm Springs, with the promise that she would be back, but a recent article by Time Magazine shows the sculpture in front of a church in Stamford Connecticut… so when will she return exactly?

Jannie Erickson and her daughter Allegra Erickson live in Palm Springs and both of them enjoy public art.

They enjoyed the “Babies” exhibit in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum on a Tuesday afternoon, even under triple-digit heat. Both of them were fans of the 26-foot “Forever Marilyn” sculpture that stood in Palm Springs between 2012 and 2014.

“She was the highlight I loved walking by her every day when I went to work,” Jannie Erickson said. “And, when they were taking her down, my understanding was that they would bring back, so we are hoping that she does come back.”

The sculpture will return to Palm Springs, but Aftab Dada, Chairman of P.S. Resorts, a local tourism group said it will take some time.

Dada said, “We are currently working and negotiating with the Sculpture Foundation to have her be installed in the new park in Downtown Palm Springs.”

Is Marilyn cheating on Palm Springs with Stamford, Connecticut?

Dada said not necessarily, “The replica that was just made and installed in Stamford Connecticut last week.”

As it turns out there are two 30,000 pounds sculptures and the one for Palm Springs is in storage in New Jersey.

He said once negotiations finalize with The Sculptor Foundation, the current owners of the two “Forever Marilyn” pieces.

The Palm Springs city website said the sculptures future home, the downtown park project will begin construction by February  2020.

Dada said what is next is to raise funding for the statue, he said negotiations continue but he said the sculpture will be expensive.

Once the park and negotiations are complete, Palm Springs will be Marilyn’s future home forever.