World Cup Fever Reaches The Valley

World Cup Fever Reaches The Valley


It was a rowdy start to the day as soccer fans gathered across the valley for the Spain vs. Portugal game. While fans seemed to have a difference of opinion on which team is the best, they all managed to agree on one thing: the love of the game.

Corey McCaughley and his family are visiting the valley from San Diego, and said they had to stop by a Buffalo Wild Wings to catch The most widely watched and anticipated event on the planet.

“Right now I’m rooting for Portugal,” said Corey.

“Today, I’m supporting Spain,” said crazed soccer fan Louisa Moya

Feelings throughout the sports bar were all over the place. “Oohs and awes” could be heard throughout the game. Now, while the US team is out of this world cup, fans are optimistic that 2022 will be a better year.

“I’m very excited about watching Mexico since U-S-A did not get in. We’re pulling for our brothers from the South.” said Pam Hudgens.

In fact, the hype is such that some folks have gone through great lengths to make sure they don’t miss a game.

“We actually renewed our cable subscription just so we could watch it, every single game,” said Louisa Moya.

Now, you might be thinking that the only place where you can catch the World Cup is at the sports bar, but it turns out it’s playing across the Coachella Valley, even, at the gym.

Jacqueline Sandoval told KMIR that having the game on at World’s Gym makes all the difference for her.

“For one it makes work go by fast, and two it’s great everyone tunes in, every once in a while, in between sets.”

She also says that her family is already gearing up for Sunday, when Mexico takes on Germany.

“Oh heck yeah, they’re going to definitely be ready on Sunday morning at 8. Everyone is going to be there, they are going to set up getting the food and everything for that day.”

Meantime, while there may be a difference of opinion on who will take home the world cup trophy, they all agree on one thing.

“It’s one of the best sporting events in the world. It’s the best thing that happens every four years. It just brings the world together world cup…soccer….”

Given that they tied at 3 all, we don’t see this hype tapering off anytime soon.