Young Musicians Program Seeks Funding after Goldenvoice Pulls

Young Musicians Program Seeks Funding after Goldenvoice Pulls

Max Rodriguez

The connection of Goldenvoice to the Coachella Valley goes beyond Stagecoach and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, it offers thousands of seasonal jobs to locals and it even hosts free pop-up clinics, but Goldenvoice is ending its funding for “AMP”, the Academy of Musical Performance.

The executive director of the academy, Will Sturgeon said the non-profit began three years ago and teaches young musicians how to play rock and other contemporary genres. Goldenvoice was the non-profits main source of funding but that will end after next year.

Sturgeon said, “I am not previewed on what’s going on at Goldenvoice but they I believe want to use their funding for other community programs around here.”

The CEO and President of the academy, Kate Spates tells KMIR News they are grateful that Goldenvoice was able to provide funding for four years. She said the entertainment company agreed to fund $200,000 during the program’s first three years, and agreed to add $150,000 in 2018 as the fourth and final year.

And even though the funding ends after this year, Sturgeon said there are no hard feelings towards Goldenvoice.

Sturgeon said, “So there’s no bad blood they just got to do their own thing and we’re going to figure it out from there.”

He said they need to figure out a way to continue the program without charging the students. He said the program teaches music after school and during summer camp costing about $2,500 per person.

He said, “In five years these kids are going to be on bills with my band but two years into that they were already on bills with my bad so they are already making a huge impact on the community.”

The president said they need to fund-raise at least $150,000 before the end of the year to continue with their operation

Sturgeon said, “So I am hopeful that we will be able to find the support out there in the community to support these kids.”

He invites the community to listen to their work during their final camp showcase on July 21 at the Hope Lutheran Church at 4 PM; learn how to help the program continue by going to their website.